My Story How It All Started

Ilse V is an Electric Violinist that specializes in Trance where she plays with International Dj's all over the world at Big Trance and House Events or Raves, Dance Parties & Club tours.

It started when as a youngster i loved dancing till the early hours of the morning, then as all of us knows,the hard party goers that doesn't want to go home, spills over into a after party at some of the Dj's houses.
After a long night of dancing and being on our feet, everyone would start getting tired and someone realized i had my violin in my car from the night before's classical concert.
So i was convinced by the crowd to get my violin out of the trunk of my car and play a tune.

I just started jamming with the dj and the music.All of a sudden, everyone was on their feet again and more people would come to the house and join the party.
The next week i looked around for a White digital or electronic violin ...just like everyone always longs for a beautiful Grand White Piano.
Since my Classical violin is a German make called Hofner,i browsed around and I found one in Germany and imported it as one of only 7 in South Africa.

In 1999,two years before i purchased my choice of violin, The new Fender Company re-launched an electric violin called the F-1. These appear to be good sellers over time. They are described in adverts as having all the tone, playability and features that musicians have come to expect from Fender. And as featuring a chambered body, solid spruce or maple top, maple back & sides, ebony fingerboard and special design piezo electric bridge with volume and tone control. Available in Black and Polar White (FV-1) or "flame" (FV-3).

I now started to play in clubs with Dj's in Cape Town and more and more found myself spending my time with sound engineers in different studios.
My first Spy Trance band gave me a digital delay pedal and from there just like other guitarists the collection grew. I have found that the sounds weren't all ideal for electric violin so in the future i would love to design one especially for electric violin because i know exactly what works and what not and where i would like to make some changes or fine tune some tones.

Just as my amazing new career started taking off i decided to immigrate to New Zealand with my folks and my sister Yvette.
As i started establishing myself in the trance scene, so did my sister, also on electric violin, but in heavy metal.Yvette now has been with her band Alpine Fault for 8 years.
After 3 months in NZ i played only one Big Rave,Chemistry (4500people), and it opened doors for me to expand into Australia,Slinky (8500people)  where i played the next month and eventually moved to.
That was it.This was my passion and what i have been doing the last 10 years.

At this stage of my life i am busy immigrating again but to Los Angeles, Hollywood where i have performed a few times.I absoluteley fell in love with the City of Angels that reminds me so much of Cape Town in South Africa where i was born but not been back to the last decade. I am looking forward to meeting many dj's and producers with whom i can at last create my own music and bring out my own transitions with my own band put together..

At the moment she is working on a solo album II with producer Rodarb Tec in Brisbane Australia and are looking for the right manager  to help release her other solo recorded Dance album I, which is a solo Christian Cd with dance music Through the local Churches in Australia